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Highly Effective Methods That Innovative Companies Use - Team Progress Tracking

October 04, 2019

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When you set a goal, you expect it to be achieved within a certain period. But how can you make sure that workers are working towards it at a pace that lets them, and you, reach that objective on time?

In that regard, a progress tracking tool can help. It lets you see the movement of tasks; how fast or how slow employees are working on them. It has other benefits, too, such as intelligent resource allocation, a collaborative workplace, and better time management. These are the reasons why innovative companies make progress tracking software a part of their tech tool stack.

Progress tracking is essential in securing your goals.

If you are not convinced, take a look at how organizations on the fast track employ a team management software.

1. To plan and allocate resources intelligently

Resource allocation is an important part of any project management because it determines the speed of work on the output and its quality. It includes taking stock of the materials, money, time, and people available or needed. This is the job of a project or team manager. They outline the resources required for the rapid completion of a project. In this regard, they may seek help from a team project management application. The solution lets them see the resources available to them, especially the team members available for tasks. This way, they can assign responsibilities to employees who are better able to work on them.

Additionally, the same software allows team progress tracking. This means that users can see who is quick to work on their assigned jobs and who is struggling. With these insights, they can put more members on a task, particularly if it is holding up the rest of the project. By doing so, project managers can save money for the company and ensure that they can meet the milestones and deadlines they set by themselves and those required by clients.

2. To create a collaborative environment

Did you know that 86% of employees and executives blame the absence or lack of collaboration in their working environments for workplace problems? However, there are numerous methods to resolve this. In fact, 80% of businesses are now looking towards social collaboration tools to streamline their workflows, according to

This is not surprising, as among the prevailing trends in collaboration is the use of communication and teamwork tools. Project management solutions fall under this category, too. Not only does it give a project leader control over tasks, but it also helps them create a collaborative environment. This is possible as they can have multiple people work on the same task simultaneously for faster completion. On top of that, this enables them to discover new things about their team members—such as hidden talents or skills that can be of use to the team in current or future projects.

Moreover, this is beneficial for teams with dispersed workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that 22% of Americans are now telecommuters, with almost 50% of them being part of remote or virtual teams, as cited by HBR. Having a team progress tracking tool allows managers to keep tabs on the work of their remote employees to ensure that they are working as expected.

3. To combine with time management strategies

Workers are only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes in an 8-hour workday on average, according to an article by Bizwomen also shares that most workers do more at the beginning of the week and are least productive on Fridays. Plus, employees are also most likely to finish tasks early in the morning than in the late morning.

This may not be the case for your organization though. While it is imperative for managers to maximize this window of high productivity, they still need to find out whether such findings apply to their own team. They can do this with the help of an online task manager. Once they discover when their team members are most active at work, they can exploit this time by assigning jobs with morning deadlines.

Also, in a survey by the American Payroll Association, the body discovered that employees lose 10 minutes of productivity daily due to late time-ins, extended breaks, and early outs. Forward-thinking companies can also utilize progress tracking tools to hold employees accountable for their time. Thus, they can increase productivity rates.

4. Making good use of team progress tracking

Knowing how much resources you have at your disposal, making sure that you have a collaborative environment, and ensuring that everyone is productive during work hours—these are only a few of the ways that ingenious organizations are using a task tracker. There are many advantages and methods to discover, though, which you may encounter as you utilize such software in your own work.