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OKR SaaS Product Barometer 2019

November 02, 2019

Achieved - OKR SaaS Software Barometer 2019 Banner

Thanks to our qualification form, we now have a clear view on who is interested in Achieved and what they are looking for.

120+ qualifications form later, our learnings

As we want to cultivate transparency, here are some of the data we've collected thanks to more than 120 answers:

- Department: General Management (30%), Engineering (20%), Product and Design (20%)

- Company size: 1-100 persons

- Team size: 1-20 persons

- Implementation scope: Looking for a tool at team (40%) and company level (30%)

- Geography: Europe (45%) & North America (20%)

- Framework used: SCRUM (60%) & ORK (40%)

- Importance of remote working: A priority (50%) and/or mostly encouraged

- Team members working remote: 75% have a least 1 remote team member

- Main reason to test Achieved: daily tracking & OKR tracking.

As Achieved isn't (yet) developed to properly support the OKR use case, it obviously conducts to a massive churn. However we found this to be a major opportunity to pivot our tool and boost our sales.

Toward the first OKR Software Barometer

In order to better grasp the OKR product landscape, we've decided to run an OKR software barometer. The goals of the survey are the following:

  1. Better understand the profile of companies using OKR
  2. Identify the product usage trends and satisfaction level with the current product landscape
  3. Identify market solution gap for Achieved
  4. Identify pricing elasticity
  5. Collect enough information to draft Achieved value proposition
  6. Help people in search of a software to support their use of OKR with an honest view of the current application landscape.

If you're using the OKR framework and are planning to, it would be awesome if you could take 5 minutes to complete our survey.

As we already did with our qualification form, we'll share publicly the result of our barometer on our blog. :)

Contribute to the survey