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How we save 2,990€ in advertisement on LinkedIn every month with a simple trick

July 24, 2019

What’s the point of posting content on social media if no one sees it?

Posting content on LinkedIn can be very frustrating. Depending on your follower base, your content type and the moment you post, just to name a few factors, your publication may only reach a few people. Whereas, LinkedIn is a great network where you can get a great number of qualitative opportunities for your business (based on our B2B experience).

Of course, if your company is wealthy, you may consider sponsoring your post, but if you do, you will face two challenges:

● It’s super expensive

● The rules to boost a simple post are ridiculously restrictive (few hashtags, no emojis, etc.)

That’s where the Engagement POD technique we are presenting here will save you a lot of money.

How it works

It uses the POD principle that emerged on Instagram and other platforms a long time ago, where a community of like-minded people gather and support each other by liking and commenting on each other’s content. Some PODs are manual (you will find some on Slack on Facebook) and others are fully automated, such as Lempod.

The tool we use for this is Lempod, which costs 5 USD per POD of 50 persons per month.

“It can’t be as efficient as you pretend it to be!”

Take a look at the two screenshots below. You will see that both screenshots’ text are nearly identical. First, we went with the sponsored content. Then we posted the same message a second time using Lempod.

The only difference between the two posts is that we’ve been forced to remove emojis and hashtags in the sponsored post, to be compliant with LinkedIn terms.

Achieved publication boosted with Lempod

Analytics showcase of a post boosted with Lempod

Achieved content sponsored on LinkedIn

Analytics showcase of a post sponsored on LinkedIn

The sponsored post, which cost 100€, generated less visits on our website than the same post boosted with Lempod.

How to get started

It goes this way:

  1. Visit Lempod web page and download the Chrome Extension
  2. Join some PODs. You can start with these: #1828, #7525 , #8223 , #7616 , #4339.
  3. Write a great status on LinkedIn.
  4. Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of your post and click on “copy link to post.”
  5. Paste the link in a new tab.
  6. Open a doc file and write the comments you want people to say (follow the comment structure defined by Lempod)
  7. Select the PODs where you want to post your content.
  8. Click next.
  9. Paste your comments.
  10. Reply to all comments immediately.

What’s the catch?

Well, it’s a give-and-take principle. People will like and comment on your content automatically, but you need to do the same on theirs’. The catch is that you have no upfront control on what they will make you say.

There is a setting that allow you to opt-out of liking or commenting in a POD, but that’s not fair and you’ll will probably be, quickly, banned from the POD. There’s no room for free riders.

Tips to make the best out of Lempod

1. Only boost fresh content.

Old/outdated content will have very limited reach, even when using an engagement POD. To make the best out of Lempod, you should post your content and boost it immediately.

2. Wait at least 24h before posting other content.

The reach of a post is depreciated as soon as you post a new one. Since the first 24 hours are crucial, it’s best to wait at least 24 hours between two posts.

3. Post at peak hour.

The first hour after you post will determine its reach, so it’s best to post your content when there are a lot of people on LinkedIn.

4. Connect with all members of a POD.

The LinkedIn algorithm will initially show your content to a subset of your first-level connections. Their engagement with your post will determine its potential reach. The more engagement you get from your first-level connections, the higher reach your content will get.

5. Ask POD members to follow your page.

It’s possible to use Lempod to boost your LinkedIn Page post, and we advise you apply the same principles and techniques you would use with your own posts. This is also true for page followers; they will have more impact on the reach than strangers.

6. Respect other members and don't abuse their trust.

Mutual Respect must be the #1 Rule when you use such tools. Don’t make people like or comment on a post if it could be perceived as controversial. Don’t make people write comments that go against their own opinions or reputations. Always be positive.

7. Review your activity feed to make sure you’re comfortable with the comments you automatically post and content you like.

As a security check, it’s best to review all the content you liked or commented on throughout the day to make sure you’re okay with it. If you spot something that makes you uncomfortable, remove your like/comment and get in touch with the publisher.

8. Don't put external links in your posts.

Linkedin wants to keep you on LinkedIn, so you will get a much broader reach if you link to another Linkedin post that contains your link or put the link in the comments.

9. Be deliberate about your hashtags.

The boost engagement you get from Lempod makes it very easy to rank for your hashtags if you choose them well. Choose your hashtags well since Lempod makes it easy to rank them, which can boost your content’s engagement.

BONUS Use our “loop principle”

The loop principle is the following:

  • Day 1: Post content with your page and boost it with Lempod.
  • Day 2: Share the post as a user and then boost it with Lempod.
  • Day 3: Ask a colleague to do the same.
  • Day 4: Repeat.

How we concretely use Lempod

We mostly use Lempod to build brand awareness. We boost the visibility of our own page content and activate Lempod on targeted posts made by others.

Our recommendation is to use this tool wisely and treat others with the greatest respect.

Be sure to share this with others who might find the same benefits in Engagement PODs that you do.

Please give a shoutout if you have any questions or feedback on what we do! :-)

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