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Let everyone easily plan their activities and stay focused on what matters most for your organisation by keeping them your company’s objectives in sight.

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All your team activity in just one glance

See all your team check-ins in one sight regardless of their location. Immediately grasp the pulse of your organisation and see what they are up to. Identify obstacles and blocks and celebrate successes as they happen.

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A simple process

Planning your day should not be a long and boring process. Achieved’s process was inspired by SCRUM's daily stand-up. Where once every day you share your activity from the past 24 hours and your goals for the next 24 hours.

Taking advantage of our asynchronous model, we have decided to split the exercise into two parts. We believe it is much more intuitive, not to mention easier, to plan your day before you begin it and then summarise your progress and actions at the end of every day, while it’s still fresh.

Thanks to our integration, all your team’s activities can be pushed straight in your preferred slack channel.

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Engagement at heart

Help your team get instant recognition for their actions. Let them share their successes, or their concerns so they can get the support they need on the spot. Social engagement and recognition are the glue of your organisation.

This is even more important when your team is spread out over multiple locations, where the majority of communications rely on written communication.

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Don’t miss a bit

Seeing things live is great, but going through past activities can provide a lot of insights into your team’s performance. Go through past checkouts and quickly see what has been achieved during the past days, weeks or months.

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