Team and corporate alignment made simple

Define your objectives to ensure every member of your team is heading in the same direction. Achieved helps you make the bridge between your company-wide objectives and what your team is doing each day.

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Objectives & Key Results

Whether you want to follow the famous OKR framework or start small by just defining some team objectives, Achieved will make it as simple as ABC.

Add an objective, set a title, a description, define sub-elements (Key Results), and you're good to go. Now let your team do the rest and link your daily activities to these objectives.

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Assess efforts & Adjust

Capture in one can see the evolution of each objective and adjust their efforts accordingly.

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Track Confidence Level

Invite your team to continuously evaluate their confidence levels regarding your objectives and their achievements. Cross-reference this information with their daily activities to make the best decisions for your organisation

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Achieved is free, easy to implement and amazingly powerful.

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